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      It's time to make your very own

Happiness Toolbox!

Making a Happiness Toolbox is great fun and can be done in 3 simple steps. The trick is to start simply and build on it over time.  It is a perfect project in times of change and uncertainty, creating a positive focus.

Follow your intuition as you make your Happiness Toolbox and build your tools.  You may want to entirely invent your own tools, or make the ones that are mentioned in the book.

Step 1:

Read Tinker Tailor's Toolbox - For Mending Broken Hearts. You'll need to then read the Happiness Toolbox Instructions as laid out on page 29 to 32. DOWNLOAD HERE!  


Step 2:

Get a box (a pretty one from K-Mart or an old shoe box will work equally well). For easy set up, us this free printable to make set up super quick and easy.  Look at the Make Some Tools tab as you go along. Label and decorate your Happiness Toolbox so that when you look at it, it makes you feel happy.  Once you have finished this (and take as long as you like), jump up and do a happy dance to your favourite song, wiggle your bottom and give yourself a pat on the back! 

Step 3:

Now start creating some tools as per the Happiness Toolbox Instructions at the back of the book.

The important thing is that your Happiness Toolbox becomes a resource and "go to" place where you build and practice your mental health skills, whether you are 5 or 105! 

Happy Tinkering!

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Tinker Tailor’s Toolbox is suitable for ages 5 to 105, but is best suited to ages 7 to 12 years.  It is perfect for promoting resilience and kindness in the home and in the classroom.

Tinker's Tool Book (For Happiness Toolbox Creators) is Lindy's latest book.  It has been designed as an activity book (or simply a reference) to make setting up your very own Happiness Toolbox in a super easy, super speedy way! 

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