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Dream Board



A Dream Board's focus is on being.  For example, on your Bucket List you could write "Go to London" but on your Dream Board, you could write "World Traveller" as a dream, with the word "London" and a picture of it next to this dream.  Imagine yourself much older, sitting in your favourite chair with your feet in soft slippers, thinking back on your life.  What dreams do you most regret not having achieved?  Make sure you include these dreams on your Dream Board!

Take a large piece of paper or card and label it "[Your name]'s Dream Board."  Write "Dream Big!" at the bottom of the Dream Board.  Look at your Bucket List to inspire you.  Draw and cut out little cloud shapes, write your dreams on them and glue them onto the Dream Board, leaving space between each.  These will change as you grow.  You may want to split your dreams into sections, labelling a different cloud for each section, such as:

Healthy Body                          Diet, exercise, sport

Healthy Mind                         Growth mindset, mindfulness, meditation

Healthy Spirit                         "What sets my soul on fire?"  e.g. church, hobbies, beach
Healthy Relationships             Friends & family connection
Community Connection           Sense of belonging: ask yourself: "What contribution can I make?"
Life Goals                               When I grow up I want to..."
Money Goals                          "What do I want it for, and what's my plan to get it?"

Around those clouds, paste photos, drawings and words that will inspire you to reach for those dreams. 


When you have finished and decorated your Dream Board so that it makes you feel happy just by looking at it, hang it in your bedroom or in a place where you will see it every day.

Dream Big!

Make Some Tools

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