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Make Some Tools

Calm Down Kit


On a zip lock bag write "[Your name]'s Calm Down Kit." Underneath it, write: "Keep Calm and Just Breathe." On a small piece of card, write a heading: "Contact List." Under this heading, write the names and numbers of three people or organisations you would call to talk you through a stressful situation.  Put this in your bag.


On an A5 piece of paper, write down "Rescue Strategy." Imagine feeling overwhelmed, and then think of three instructions you would like to give yourself in such a moment. Write down these instructions. For example, "Close your eyes, breathe slowly, and count to ten." "Talk to someone on your Contact List." Put these instructions, and anything else that helps you to calm down, into the bag. Examples: fidget spinner; LED colour-change candle; fiddle toys; scented cloth or small scented teddy bear.

You could add Magic Mirror exercises to your Calm Down Kit to talk yourself out of of an anxious episode.  Whatever you put in here, make it personal to you as well as effective.


Practice using your Calm Down Kit (in particular, your Rescue Strategy), when you are calm, to familiarise yourself with the routine to assist you when you may need it the most.

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