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I'm Lindy Jelliman, author & illustrator of


I understand the daily challenges with mental health because of my own experiences.  I believe that all brains are wonderful, as well as wonderfully different. I believe in celebrating neurodiversity and erasing the stigma attached to mental health issues.  I believe that all people can be happy, given access to the right tools.  As parents, teachers and other significant adults in a child’s life, we can teach children to be proactive about happiness and mental health from an early age and help them to find their own “Tailor-made” tools (pardon the pun!)  This is the greatest and most impactful gift we can give to them.

I am not a mental health professional and I have no qualification that gives me the right to tell people how to be happy.  However, I am an advocate for positive change in humankind, starting with the little people.   I have researched happiness for over 20 years.  I have experience working with children with special needs and adults with significant mental health issues.


I would love this book to be a catalyst for you and your family to have positive and important conversations and relationships with yourselves, each other and with the wider community. The Toolbox Instructions at the back of this book have been written merely as a starting point to make one’s own “Tailor-made” toolbox.  It is important to bear in mind that when you are making a toolbox for yourself (or a loved one), you make it quick and simple to use, thereby making checking in on one’s mental health a daily habit.


Remember, serious mental health concerns should always be referred to a doctor or mental health practitioner.  This book cannot replace ongoing, specialised mental health care.


Tinker Tailor and his Happiness Toolbox will most certainly assist carers and children in finding the happiness in every day.  This is the best way we can shine our inner light out into the world.

Happy Tinkering!

With love (and a happy dance),



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I hope you enjoyed meeting my awesome creator, Lindy!  She is super passionate about what she does and she has many more stories up her sleeve!

But for now, join me and jump into this adventure of Happiness Toolbox Creation!

Happy Tinkering!

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